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The Long Road Ahead with LMK Executive Coaching

We have all had to adapt and innovate in order to survive over the past number of months. This really demonstrated how agile and resilient we all are. As we start moving back into business as usual you may be starting to think about what the ‘new normal’ will look like for you and/or your business.

During this time people have had more time to enjoy their community and the space they live it. It has also meant people have had space to re-evaluate what really matters to them.

This could be how valued are you by your employer, do you have the work life balance you want or are looking to become a better leader or business owner.

What is next for you can only be determined by you but it’s important you identify what your actual needs are first. What direction do you want go in and what your strengths are? If we have learnt anything over the past few months it is now more than ever, we should invest in ourselves, our career and our health and wellbeing.

This is where having a coach can help you. A coach can help you take an in-depth look at your situation and help you identify opportunities and challenges which could be holding you back. Together you develop realistic goals and strategic plans on how to achieve these goals. If you are ready to take responsibility for making the changes you want in your life and you are truly ready to be accountable than coaching is for you.

If you are leading a team or an organisation now is the time to rekindle your team’s passion and spirt. Managing your team’s wellbeing and performance is an important issue facing leaders today. There was a sudden shift to digital operations and remote working which we have all had to adapt too. How have you managed to keep yourself and your team motivated while being disconnected?

How have you supported your team and your clients? It’s important that you communicate with your team and clients and recognise anxiety and uncertainty they are experiencing.  As a leader stay calm, be proactive and embrace new policies and lead by example.  Coaching can help you deal with the issues facing you as a leader and help you reconnect with your team. Ensure you are using your leadership behaviours to lead and understand yourself and your team.

Unfortunately, executives and business owners may also need to deliver bad news to members of their team. This can be a very difficult situation for many to deal with in ‘normal times’ and even harder in times of crisis as emotions are heightened. It’s important to be transparent and honest. Good leaders don’t hide from bad news.

Coaching can help you be your authentic self and understand your emotional intelligence. Your ability to communicate effectively with people when delivering bad news and having the mental awareness to imagine how it will be received, the tone, gestures, language, to really focus on the person and listen to them is all part of your emotional intelligence. Understanding your emotional intelligence can help you manage through empathy, influence and collaboration.

If you think you are ready to be real and it’s time to make those positive changes in your life then contact me today to see if coaching is for you. If you are a team leader and you feel your team could do with some coaching than contact me today.

LMK Executive Coaching is here to help. Contact us today to make a fully informed decision if coaching is for you or your team. Our one-to-one sessions are completely confidential and can be conducted remotely. Talk to us today to create your unique coaching experience.