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Whether your business is just starting out, it needs help moving in the right direction or you need support to become a more effective leader coaching is for you. Partnering with LMK Executive Coaching will help you set clear goals and map action plans to achieve them. The one to one coaching will help you identify opportunities and the strategies for developing business growth.

Seeing the growth and development in clients is what makes coaching worthwhile. We ask our clients for feedback during the coaching programme to ensure the process is working well for them. At the end of the final session written feedback is given to the coach which is invaluable to continuing to the quality service.

The following is a selection of client feedback on our coaching.

Linda’s coaching helped me improve my productivity by 65%. I learned how to prioritize and organize my tasks in a better more process-driven way. It’s made a big difference in the way I get things done. It wasn’t a complicated process, everything is simple and straight forward. Simple is not to be confused with easy, It’s challenging in a good way. If you want to get better at what you do, then Linda will help you achieve that.

Seán - Director IT Company

I had several coaching sessions with Linda where she got me to critically look at my goals, values and career aims for the future. Linda asked tough questions which really got me to think and took me to places I hadn’t considered.  I was sceptical about the coaching process and how beneficial it would be to me and how I do business but it really opened my mind. I achieved the goals I set and I have started to look at things differently. I have also started to use a coaching style when dealing with colleagues.

Trevor - Senior Consultant

I learned so much from my time with Linda. As a one woman business I used to over think certain aspects of the business and end up getting nowhere. Linda gave me the time and asked all the right questions that everything started to clear in my mind. I knew everything was there I just struggled to find a way to put it into practice. I used to second guess myself a lot as I have no one in the business to run ideas off, but having Linda’s support gave me the courage to go ahead with my plans and I haven’t looked back. Having learned the importance of not only setting goals but setting an expected time for them to be followed through has changed my whole mindset and I’m so much more productive. My mind is clear so I’m focused while working rather than thinking of all of the other tasks I hadn’t finished.

I can’t recommend LMK coaching enough. Thank you for everything Linda.

Olivia - Business Owner

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